John Oberreider’s Whiskey Sours

750 ml whiskey
1 L or so of sour mix
1 12-oz can of frozen pink lemonade diluted with 4 cans of water = (1+4)*12=60oz=1.77L

John made these at their Dad’s condo in Sarasota, FL and also at our rental beach house in Duck, NC. He usually made them just pouring stuff, and I measured as he poured one day to get the recipe, and John used roughly a 2-3-4 ratio of whiskey-sour-lemonade. So according to Google, .750-1.000-1.776L. Looks more like 3-4-7, but who’s counting? This is easy to make in a rental kitchen and tasty. And it just barely fits in a 128-oz pitcher one might find at a rental. Make sure and stir it up with a butter knife. (“3.15L in oz” => 106.51 fl oz. So there.) And you could eliminate one of the lemonade cans to bring the booze ratio up. Whatever.

These proportions make a light whiskey sour for drinking on the beach all day, but with a little extra whuskey left over. For sizzle. I just dump it in.


“Certain is it that there is no kind of affection so purely angelic as of a father to a daughter. In love to our wives there is desire; to our sons, ambition; but to our daughters there is something which there are no words to express”

Joseph Addison, quoted in Men’s Health, June 2007

Amen, brother.

Elli Krandel’s Senior Recital

We were invited to Elli Krandel’s senior recital, where she played piano and sang. A four-year chorus student, she is very talented. I wish Elli had selected some more classical pieces — a few too many showtunes for me — but she performed them well, and she is a very lively, engaging performer.

  • The Beautiful Land / Roar of the Greasepaint
  • Candle on the Water / Pete’s Dragon
  • Just Around the Riverbend / Pocahontas
  • A Change in Me / Beauty and the Beast
  • Forrest Gump / Forrest Gump
  • In His Eyes / Jekyll and Hyde (duet w/Laura Miller. Laura really is good, too)
  • I Like Him / Drat! The Cat!
  • Bill / Show Boat
  • My Father’s Song / Sense & Sensibility
  • There’s More to Me Than You / Jessica Andrews (fun girl power song!)
  • When I Fall In Love / Victor Young
  • Only Hope / A Walk to Remember
  • Happy Girl / Martina McBride (w/backup singer WHS senior Clare Grechis)
  • Elli is a happy girl. We wish her the best in her college adventure!

    Steel Magnolias

    Saw the movie, was good. Expected, eh. As parents of a dead child, we don’t enjoy seeing plays about dead children the day before Mother’s Day, but our friend Shannon Mayhall was in this production at the Drendel Ballroom at Sun City, Huntley, so we like to see her.

    We had the dinner + show package. For $40 each we got front table seating, a slightly old salad followed by broasted chicken, beef roast, mashed potatoes, green beans, all served family style and with a cash bar. Dessert was double chocolate cake and coffee. Food was not anything you would not find at a low-end wedding banquet, but was good.

    Our party of four sat with two more couples, both residents of Sun City. They seemed to enjoy living there, and Howard in our party had mutual work acquaintances with one of the couples. Small world.

    The set was a simple hair salon set, chairs and register to left, door and chairs to right. The actresses were all good, but Shannon’s M’Lynn Eatenton and Chris Kelecius’ Ouiser characters stole the show. I found it interesting that the men were central to the story, and we ended up knowing a lot about them, but they were never seen on stage.

    Shannon really lit out in her cry of pain at the end. We could feel her pain, God yes.

    Steel Magnolias at the Sun City-Prairie Lodge, Drendel Ballroom
    Marco Woods Productions

    Edmonton – Weds & Thurs

    Weds. Repeat day.

    Breakfast at the Coast.

    Lunch at Haweli Indian buffet with some Sagebrush people. Good and too much food. With chai.

    Dinner at Coast Pub (Malt’s). First got Rickard’s Red. Ick. Might have been flat though. Got a Trad and it was not as good, so I think they just let their drafts go too long. Eric got a Warsteiner. Good. Fish and chips. Okay. Whatever.


    Breakfast at the Coast. I think Eric hit it when he said, “I know I’m ready to go home when I need someplace new for breakfast.” Bit into some bottom of the bowl walnuts and hit a shell. Ouch. I now have a chipped tooth on the bottom and it’s killing my tongue.

    Lunch at Homestyle Donair on Jasper. A Donair is ground meat, formed into a log, mounted on a gas roaster, grilled while spinning and shaved off. Thicker pieces and done less well than a gyros, and less spicy — in my mind, not as good. I had a falafel chunk also for 1.50. Not cooked enough, but I wouldn’t mind a pita full with tsatsiki. They have shawirma and other interesting items too. Homestyle Donair, 10243 Jasper Ave. Edmonton.

    Dinner at the Coast Plaza (easy to pay — sign your name) with the International Buffet. Good if limited salads — lettuce with a cucumber tomato garnish. Others also. Main dishes: an egg roll, beef roast cut to order with horseradish, flank steak grilled in teriyaki, rice pilaf, and bowtie pasta heated with fresh garlic, veges, and topped with marinara sauce. Good. Cherry pie for dessert. CAD 14.95 — not bad, and definitely not hungry. Didn’t even try everything. Eric had a Rickard Honey Wheat, and it was good — much better than the Rickard Red from yesterday. I think it was fresher — actually had a head. My Warsteiner was OK. Should have had wine, I guess. Coast Edmonton Plaza Hotel, 10155 105 Street, Edmonton, AB T5J 1E2

    Edmonton – Tuesday

    First to the hotel (Coast Edmonton Plaza) breakfast buffet. Not too fancy, but good, and cheaper than the Delta breakfast — although the Delta has salmon. I had oatmeal with nuts and slivered almonds, raisins, and prunes, a spoon of scrambled eggs (bit runnier than I like, but ok), lots of lovely fruit, two sausage links, and coffee. Good breakfast.

    For lunch, we trolled the food court near Sunterra and found Kimchi Box, a Korean place. The kiosk next door was mobbed — this place was empty. I don’t know why. The friendly cashier explained the selections and I had the beef & rice dish; good, with those translucent rice noodles, a bit of salad, and kimchi. The cute women at the pickup counter steered me thru the sauces and I chose a good thick pepper sauce. I am not sure about kimchi — it is like sauerkraut with peppers and more of a nose. I will have to research that.

    Eric had the chicken dish, and he liked that too. He did think it was strange that there was no ginger or exotic dressings for the salad — just 1000 island, Italian and ranch. We both thought we would come back. Kimchi Box: Suite 263-10155 102 ST NW

    Sunterra had the two pans going again — Jambalaya and Beef Stew. Yum.

    For dinner, I researched a bit. A dude in the elevator recommended Joey Tomatoes Mediterranean Grill.. It was an 8 block 1/2 mile walk; not having ever gone that direction and being unfamiliar with the streets, we were a little freaked out at first, but the neighborhood seemed pretty safe with only the usual street beggars.

    A lovely lady in a black dress opened the door for us. Good way to start.

    We gave our names (20 minute wait for a table) and walked around the bar. Dark wood, but with a funky flair, reminded us of Lazia without the weird scupltures. All the waitresses wore little black cocktail dresses. Very classy.

    I noticed two chairs open at the granite counter in front of the salad prep area. The hostess assured me we could eat there; menus and place settings and several other diners were already there. We decided to eat there. Good thing.

    The beer of the night was the Pudding from a local brewery. Wonderful, kind of like Leinie Big Butt. I had the Maple Glazed Salmon (West Coast fillet grilled medium-moist, maple butter glazed, served with scented rice. CAD 19.99), WITH grilled asparagus. Excellent. Eric had Lobster Ravioli (Jumbo ravioli stuffed with Atlantic lobster, shrimp, ricotta cheese & crab, in a lemon dill cream sauce. CAD 18.50). He could not believe it was so good. It came with a crunchy garlic bread we saw grilled in front of us.

    The food was great, but I really enjoyed sitting where we were. It was warm from the brick oven and grill, loud from all the shouting and clanking, but it had the sushi bar flavor, and we joked with the sous chefs and other diners between bursts of activity. Just a nice place. We got so hungry watching the food being made, and then regretted we couldn’t order em all. Looked like really nice burgers and salads too. Maybe back tomorrow???1228 Jasper Ave. Edmonton, AB T5K 2V2

    Coast Edmonton Plaza Hotel

    Staying at the Coast Edmonton Plaza Hotel in downtown Edmonton. Not as fancy as the Delta but much more reasonably priced.


    • Good downtown location
    • It’s kind of nice being near Jasper Ave., which has a lot of interesting stores and restaurants. Good to see them — on the Pedway, you see the same old stuff.
    • Excellent breakfast buffet (CAD 12.95, cheap compared to others)
    • Pumps of shampoo in the shower. Nice way to eliminate a bazillion little plastic bottles from the waste stream.
    • Nice pool, hot tub facility with sauna and changing rooms. Towels, water. Good exercise room; used the elliptical and rower. Very complicated weight machines. Would have preferred a free weight set like at the Delta.
    • Comfortable bar.


    • Scary view to the west. Us out of towners get nervous with burned out buildings across the street.
    • Slippery showers with bath mats. Why hotels ever install these things is beyond me.
    • Turn the temp on the shower to a good temp. Now switch over the shower. HOT HOT HOT! Does not get cool enough until you are in the last 5 degrees of travel. What a stupid control.
    • Ice machine on 7th floor does not work.
    • Slippery carpets. Bring your yoga mat — it’s hard to get a good dog going here – plus the view at the Delta is much nicer.
    • Location somewhat more inconvenient for us, going to the ING building. The Delta is on the Pedway, and has two good restaurants right there (Elephant & Castle and Lazia).

    Coast Edmonton Plaza Hotel, 10155 105 Street, Edmonton, AB T5J 1E2