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πυθαγόρας Ζει

Why is πυθαγόρας Ζει on a sticker on the long piano string gadget in the Drums/Space of the 7/5/15 Grateful Dead show? (see 4:46:26). It’s Greek to me….

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God of Carnage

Saw “God of Carnage” by Yasmina Reza last night with our friend Shannon Mayhall giving her usual magnificent performance. Dark, funny, and 80 minutes just flies. Make sure you sit behind the “tulip row”. At the Black Box Theater, McHenry … Continue reading

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Friday: Eric dropped Dave off at the airport at 5:00AM (thanks, Eric) and we met him for breakfast at 8AM. He was the worse for wear, at 12:30AM, the floor fire alarm went off, scaring the heck out of us. … Continue reading

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Gym Color Temperature

Processing pix from the Sarah McCullagh Memorial Scholarship. Took Nikon NEF (Raw) format to avoid problems with color balance, which is horrible in the gym. From here, “Mercury vapor color temp is around 4200K and CRI in range of 50.” … Continue reading

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Got an email from Dr Weil re wasabi. I like it on sushi, but his article scoffs at US store-bought wasabi – as it is really wasabi, horseradish and coloring. The real stuff is the superfine ground root, like horseradish. … Continue reading

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Laura’s 50th at Pinstripes

Our old neighbor had her 50th birthday party last night at Pinstripes, a trendy bowling alley/restaurant/bocce court in a new mall in South Barrington. We had round banquet tables set up along the bocce courts in a back room with … Continue reading

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Sourdough Waffles

Today – nothing to do – time to cook a good breakfast. I had the starter out, let’s make Sourdough waffles! Start with Sourdough Waffle or Pancake Batter If you think about it, feed your starter and set it out … Continue reading

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“The Dining Room”

We saw this play before at the Woodstock Stage Left Cafe, and it was really good. Bette saw that it was here again and she jumped. It was in the parish hall of the First Congregational Church in Huntley, with … Continue reading

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Saturday Pigeon Point

Finally made it to the Pigeon Point Lighthouse. Sam’s Chowder House

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BLAST! the Movie at Fermilab

This is a documentary about scientists sending a telescope into space to look 6-10 billion years into the past. On a balloon. From Sweden and Antarctica. Actually, seeing the Antarctica stuff is worth it, the rest is better. Lou and … Continue reading

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