John Oberreider’s Whiskey Sours

750 ml whiskey
1 L or so of sour mix
1 12-oz can of frozen pink lemonade diluted with 4 cans of water = (1+4)*12=60oz=1.77L

John made these at their Dad’s condo in Sarasota, FL and also at our rental beach house in Duck, NC. He usually made them just pouring stuff, and I measured as he poured one day to get the recipe, and John used roughly a 2-3-4 ratio of whiskey-sour-lemonade. So according to Google, .750-1.000-1.776L. Looks more like 3-4-7, but who’s counting? This is easy to make in a rental kitchen and tasty. And it just barely fits in a 128-oz pitcher one might find at a rental. Make sure and stir it up with a butter knife. (“3.15L in oz” => 106.51 fl oz. So there.) And you could eliminate one of the lemonade cans to bring the booze ratio up. Whatever.

These proportions make a light whiskey sour for drinking on the beach all day, but with a little extra whuskey left over. For sizzle. I just dump it in.

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