Edmonton – Weds & Thurs

Weds. Repeat day.

Breakfast at the Coast.

Lunch at Haweli Indian buffet with some Sagebrush people. Good and too much food. With chai.

Dinner at Coast Pub (Malt’s). First got Rickard’s Red. Ick. Might have been flat though. Got a Trad and it was not as good, so I think they just let their drafts go too long. Eric got a Warsteiner. Good. Fish and chips. Okay. Whatever.


Breakfast at the Coast. I think Eric hit it when he said, “I know I’m ready to go home when I need someplace new for breakfast.” Bit into some bottom of the bowl walnuts and hit a shell. Ouch. I now have a chipped tooth on the bottom and it’s killing my tongue.

Lunch at Homestyle Donair on Jasper. A Donair is ground meat, formed into a log, mounted on a gas roaster, grilled while spinning and shaved off. Thicker pieces and done less well than a gyros, and less spicy — in my mind, not as good. I had a falafel chunk also for 1.50. Not cooked enough, but I wouldn’t mind a pita full with tsatsiki. They have shawirma and other interesting items too. Homestyle Donair, 10243 Jasper Ave. Edmonton.

Dinner at the Coast Plaza (easy to pay — sign your name) with the International Buffet. Good if limited salads — lettuce with a cucumber tomato garnish. Others also. Main dishes: an egg roll, beef roast cut to order with horseradish, flank steak grilled in teriyaki, rice pilaf, and bowtie pasta heated with fresh garlic, veges, and topped with marinara sauce. Good. Cherry pie for dessert. CAD 14.95 — not bad, and definitely not hungry. Didn’t even try everything. Eric had a Rickard Honey Wheat, and it was good — much better than the Rickard Red from yesterday. I think it was fresher — actually had a head. My Warsteiner was OK. Should have had wine, I guess. Coast Edmonton Plaza Hotel, 10155 105 Street, Edmonton, AB T5J 1E2

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