Edmonton – Tuesday

First to the hotel (Coast Edmonton Plaza) breakfast buffet. Not too fancy, but good, and cheaper than the Delta breakfast — although the Delta has salmon. I had oatmeal with nuts and slivered almonds, raisins, and prunes, a spoon of scrambled eggs (bit runnier than I like, but ok), lots of lovely fruit, two sausage links, and coffee. Good breakfast.

For lunch, we trolled the food court near Sunterra and found Kimchi Box, a Korean place. The kiosk next door was mobbed — this place was empty. I don’t know why. The friendly cashier explained the selections and I had the beef & rice dish; good, with those translucent rice noodles, a bit of salad, and kimchi. The cute women at the pickup counter steered me thru the sauces and I chose a good thick pepper sauce. I am not sure about kimchi — it is like sauerkraut with peppers and more of a nose. I will have to research that.

Eric had the chicken dish, and he liked that too. He did think it was strange that there was no ginger or exotic dressings for the salad — just 1000 island, Italian and ranch. We both thought we would come back. Kimchi Box: Suite 263-10155 102 ST NW

Sunterra had the two pans going again — Jambalaya and Beef Stew. Yum.

For dinner, I researched a bit. A dude in the elevator recommended Joey Tomatoes Mediterranean Grill.. It was an 8 block 1/2 mile walk; not having ever gone that direction and being unfamiliar with the streets, we were a little freaked out at first, but the neighborhood seemed pretty safe with only the usual street beggars.

A lovely lady in a black dress opened the door for us. Good way to start.

We gave our names (20 minute wait for a table) and walked around the bar. Dark wood, but with a funky flair, reminded us of Lazia without the weird scupltures. All the waitresses wore little black cocktail dresses. Very classy.

I noticed two chairs open at the granite counter in front of the salad prep area. The hostess assured me we could eat there; menus and place settings and several other diners were already there. We decided to eat there. Good thing.

The beer of the night was the Pudding from a local brewery. Wonderful, kind of like Leinie Big Butt. I had the Maple Glazed Salmon (West Coast fillet grilled medium-moist, maple butter glazed, served with scented rice. CAD 19.99), WITH grilled asparagus. Excellent. Eric had Lobster Ravioli (Jumbo ravioli stuffed with Atlantic lobster, shrimp, ricotta cheese & crab, in a lemon dill cream sauce. CAD 18.50). He could not believe it was so good. It came with a crunchy garlic bread we saw grilled in front of us.

The food was great, but I really enjoyed sitting where we were. It was warm from the brick oven and grill, loud from all the shouting and clanking, but it had the sushi bar flavor, and we joked with the sous chefs and other diners between bursts of activity. Just a nice place. We got so hungry watching the food being made, and then regretted we couldn’t order em all. Looked like really nice burgers and salads too. Maybe back tomorrow???1228 Jasper Ave. Edmonton, AB T5K 2V2

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