This page documents my hunt for software (preferably cheap) to do things.

File Cataloger


  • CD, DVD, MP3, HD, USB disk as source
  • Records label
  • Opt: creates barcode for cataloging.
  • Plus: Open Database format. Some use One file db per recorded disk, others use SQL etc.

I Found

Home Media Librarian PLUS: uses JDBC database. DEAL-KILLER: Limited to music.

SmartCat 4.4 by No-Nonsense Software/. Good enough that I registered it.

  • Functional interface.
  • Database files (1 per CD/Disk) grouped in easily switchable folder for specific searches
  • Export file list via XML, mitigates database issue somewhat.
  • Creates optional CRC of file
  • Stores DOS disk id.
  • One file db per recorded disk.


  • GUI has repaint issues, sometimes flaky.
  • Proprietary Database
  • No MD5 hash
  • NO provision for barcode generation or storage


PROS: Fast and free. One file db per recorded disk.

CONS: No hash, iffy interface, proprietary database.

SUmmary: not quite

Smart CD Catalog PRO

PROS: Pretty, nice interface. Good search. Support for numbering, not quite barcodes.

CONS: No hash, proprietary database, no MD5 or CRC.

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