My 50th birthday is officially over. Thank you to all who sent cards. 85 cards creates an impressive pile. Heck, I didn’t know I knew 85 people. Thanks!

Bette’s dad, Joseph Carlson, was married and went right into the Army Air Corps (now the USAF) in 1943. Before he died in 2006, he and I sat on the screen porch and I pumped him for info on his Army career. His memory was a bit fuzzy, and he repeated things, but it was […]

Our Sarah’s High School friend Sara Jean performed with Tom Schraeder and His Ego on Dec 28th at Schuba’s Tavern in Chicago. She had done this before last year and I had asked her to tell us when she would be preforming again. She Facebooked me and since both Bette and I were on vacation […]

Welcome Sara

December 31, 2009 | Leave a Comment

Our latest addition to the Chwalisz family of bloggers: Our Other Sara(h) blogs about life, love and adventure on the Continent.

Or as Cousin Mike puts it – “Joe versus the volcano. My brother Joe’s 10 seconds of fame….” Joe: Here is a link to the video that the Post had briefly Friday morning. It is one of the few that has me talking….. in case you care. John asked for the video where I could […]

Spent another long weekend at Browns Lake, Burlington WI. Arrived Friday afternoon, unloaded, hung out and opened up the boat. Headed out to Charcoal Grill, on the Fox River in town. We decided to sit outside, and it was warm, not too, low breeze, and sundown. Perfect. With the river a few feet away. Charcoal […]

Madrigal Dinner

April 28, 2009 | Leave a Comment

Kat was in the madrigal singers at Wheeling High School. We went to the last of her dinners in the school cafeteria. They used to be at Chevy Chase Golf Club, which is a beautiful place for a madrigal dinner, as it looks just like a castle. The cafeteria is a little less overwhelming. The […]

Saturday On Saturday we went to the Twins game. The spring training park is in Ft Myers at the home of the Miracles, Hammond Stadium, and Sam had obtained tickets. We headed over early sans Bette who was still feeling sick. We parked on the ball fields ringing the stadium, and crawled over the tailgaters […]

Friday Arrived on time. Waited a bit at the Enterprise counter, got our car, a Toyota Camry. I kind of liked it, Bette found it hard to back up – bad visibility. It had a little storage area in the front with AUX jacks for the MP3 player. Zippy. Nice. Uneventful drive down from Tampa. […]

While on a mission in Glen Ellyn, we popped over to Villa Park for an impromptu pre-Saint-Patty-Party with Bette’s cousins, one of which has a boyfriend, Charlie, the proprietor of the Lunar Brewing Company, a small neighborhood bar and microbrewery. The bartender was personable, and cheerfully handed me my two pints of Total Eclipse Oatmeal […]

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