Lab burgers: it’s what’s for dinner (The Economist)

Memories of Chicken Little in Pohl and Kornbluth’s The Space Merchants I first read in high school. The older I get, the more that novel gets everything right. Hamburger junction Lab burgers: it’s what’s for dinner A QUARTER of a million euros is rather a lot to pay for a hamburger, but that will… Continue reading Lab burgers: it’s what’s for dinner (The Economist)


“It’s hard to feel motivated. All this red vs. blue, it’s like, Are you guys Crips and Bloods? What about tackling jobs, obesity, poverty? Since red and blue make purple, why not unite, because scientifically speaking, purple is the fastest light. If they were to come together, they would be faster and more powerful” The… Continue reading Purple

Unloading the loaded

Reading this story in the latest Economist reminded me of the old Heinlein short story “-We Also Walk Dogs”. Both efficiently separate the rich from their money – RAH also throws in an intergalactic conference on the Moon.

Laura’s 50th at Pinstripes

Our old neighbor had her 50th birthday party last night at Pinstripes, a trendy bowling alley/restaurant/bocce court in a new mall in South Barrington. We had round banquet tables set up along the bocce courts in a back room with gas heaters overhead. The food was excellent, starting with crostini with mozzarella & tomato appetizers… Continue reading Laura’s 50th at Pinstripes

The Grue

I have a Tai Chi instruction sheet with “White Stork Spreads Wings” and translated into French, “La grue blanche deploie ses ailes”. So in the old adventure game Zork (Wikipedia), are you you afraid that “it is likely that you will be eaten by a stork”. Oooh, scary.