Laura’s 50th at Pinstripes

Our old neighbor had her 50th birthday party last night at Pinstripes, a trendy bowling alley/restaurant/bocce court in a new mall in South Barrington. We had round banquet tables set up along the bocce courts in a back room with gas heaters overhead. The food was excellent, starting with crostini with mozzarella & tomato appetizers and various wine selections that the host of honor and her husband had picked. Family style dinner started with two salads & bread sticks. Then there was a stuffed chicken dish and then a beef roast dish and all were very good. The meal was finished off with coffee and ice cream cake.

In the meantime, we managed to get a couple of bocce games in. We are used to playing on grass, with a bit of friction to slow down the ball. In these courts, it is a hard surface covered with Astroturf and very fast. The slightest bounce is enough to shoot you well past the pallino. Our old neighbor Geno proved that he was the old Italian guy by stomping us with his short range precision.

They also rented out three bowling lanes and these are very nice bowling lanes with leather couches and TVs and really modern equipment.we do not bowl but it was a nice place. Outside, there were was a fire pit where a group from a different party was keeping warm.

A great evening, good food, and fun to catch up with the kids from the hood. Happy birthday Laura!

Pinstripes, South Barrington, IL

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