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US Postal Service, are you listening?

Ordered a monitor from South Korea. Here is the tracking information from eBay, which looks like it comes from the Korea Post Office:

Carrier:Korea Post
Mar-29-13, 09:54 AM, WOODSTOCK, IL 60098

Notice Left (No Authorized Recipient Available)
Mar-27-13, 11:37 AM, WOODSTOCK, IL 60098

Out for Delivery
Mar-27-13, 08:52 AM, WOODSTOCK, IL 60098

Sorting Complete
Mar-27-13, 08:42 AM, WOODSTOCK, IL 60098

Arrival at Post Office
Mar-27-13, 08:02 AM, WOODSTOCK, IL 60098

Depart USPS Sort Facility
Mar-27-13, 00:00 AM, PALATINE, IL 60095

Processed through USPS Sort Facility
Mar-26-13, 23:49 PM, PALATINE, IL 60095

Processed Through Sort Facility
Mar-26-13, 12:18 PM, ISC CHICAGO IL (USPS)

Origin Post is Preparing Shipment
Processed Through Sort Facility
Mar-26-13, 00:12 AM, SEOUL

Processed Through Sort Facility
Mar-25-13, 20:55 PM

Mar-25-13, 18:59 PM

So eBay holds it, but someone collects it. This is good tracking. I have never seen this on USPS stuff – it just says “Delivered”. A friend is waiting for a registered letter from Chicago for the last week. No tracking at all.

Better get it together, USPS. And Congress, lay off making them pay retirement benefits up front. For a “conservative” Congress, supposedly advocating for business, you are killing this one.

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