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Sprint Airave

We have Sprint phone service on a family plan. We have unlimited data and decent coverage, except at home. No bars.

They sent me an Airave, which is a femtocell, basically a baby cell tower in my basement. But they want me to install it between my modem+router (WRT54GL) and the outside world. I tried that, and my internet died. No good.

Reading up on the Web, I found most folks find the recommended installation does not work. They suggest plugging it into your LAN. The only consideration is if you use VOIP – some QOS may not work. Not my problem.

Some of the instructions were complicated – plug in a laptop, manually configure for the static IP, blah blah blah. I think the dude mixed up the WAN side with the extra LAN side on the Airave.

My config: Comcast -> Linksys WRT54GL (WAN)
Airave (WAN) -> Linksys (LAN)
GPS antenna near a window.

Bingo. Airave at IP = (via DHCP from the router in the internal network) and 5 bars on the cell phone. Made a call. Works. Sweet.

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