EXIFutils to the rescue

Bette teaches kindergarten. She takes pictures, and as the computer consultant, I have to upload them to the Walgreens website. So I use iTag to review them and add the IPTC keyword tag “printme” to the ones she wants printed. How to convert to Walgreens?

It’s not pretty. I use the wonderful EXIFUtils to extract a list:

S:\pix>exiflist /o l -f file-name,ip-keyword . | grep printme | sort
VVKG_20080811_144431.jpg,Kindergarten; garden; sunflower; printme
VVKG_20080812_155541.jpg,Kindergarten; garden; sunflower; printme

Sort it for ease of picking. Grep to filter out the ones with printme. Simple.

Until you start with Walgreens. You can either work with their ActiveX uploader, which truncates the last part of the filename, or add one at a time via a Browse button and the standard file-open dialog, which is slow.

Needed: upload a list, or allow multiple selections in the browse box. Or a new print vendor with a location 1/2 mile away. Still cheaper than printing them on a printer.

Also, I could use ThumbsPlus — you can do queries on a folder based on a keyword, then move those into a temporary folder, then upload the temp folder. Might even be easier.

Walgreens photo processing

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I bought an old computer from Steve, dual core, better that I have now. Anyway, I am reinstalling a retail Windows XP onto it, and want to install SP2 fresh, not SP1 and upgrade. Creates a lot of junk. So we slipstream, merge SP2 into SP1 install CD. Can do it with lots of steps. How about easy?

Enter nLite. Pick a folder, with two dvd drives creates a bootable iso. Burn and go. Easy.

Used it many times. Recommended

UPDATE: now, I can try SP3 without upgrading SP2 first. I have heard bad things — this might avoid some of them.