Sanibel 2008 – Fun Alone

Sam and Karin left.

Wednesday 26 March

Wednesday 26 March

Everglades Day trip.
Four segments. Boat Ride. Nature Walk. Lunch. Airboat ride.

Wednesday 26 March

Thursday 27 March

Yoga with Grethe.

Friday 28 March

Try to finish off the food, wine, and whiskey sours. Still ended up with some beer; left for the maid. Took some boxes to the pack and ship to go home while I checked in online at their internet computers ($2/10mins).

Sand sculpture 2.

Books read:

Sanibel 2008 – Fun with Sam and Karin

Friday 21 March

Barely beat the snow closings out of MKE airport. Arrived on time in Ft Myers. Karin and Sam were at the Twins game. We stopped at the “used food store” (Dixie’s Discounted Wine) on Bonita Beach Rd just east of US 41 for some wine and discount food. Then we had to stop at Publix. The detour is not worth it. Checked in at West Wind. Got a drink at the pool bar and waited for Karin and Sam.

Dixie’s Discounted Wine • 9080 Bonita Beach Rd, Bonita Springs,FL 34135

Saturday 22 March

I rented a 24 speed recumbent bike on the Internet the previous week from Billy’s Rentals. They delivered it to the West Wind to keep it from disappearing like the rest of their bikes — thanks guys! It has chopper style handlebars, which is a whole new trick. I finally got it to go straight, but turns were a problem. Fast hard turns would put me on the ground. With my hip acting up, it was torture.

Rode around the island to the lighthouse. Overcast but warmish; good riding. 15 mins into the ride, it started to rain. We kept going to the lighthouse, looked around, and headed back up Periwinkle for lunch at the Lighthouse Cafe, the “hippie” cafe next to Sporty Seahorse. Great food, great atmosphere. And busy — prepare to wait. We ate lunch, but split a banana pancake just to try it — it was warm and gooey in the middle. Sam wanted to come back the next day for breakfast. So we did.

Karin bolted back on her bike. Sam followed her, and Bette and I stopped at a few shops on the way back. It started to clear up a bit and we got back in time

Dinner with Sam and Karin at Sanibel Steakhouse. We had the Crab Cake appetizer, yum. I had the 16oz NY Strip, I think my favorite cut, with baked potato. Mmmm. Karin and Bette had the 12oz NY Strips. Sam and I started a bottle of Dynamite Zinfandel. Bette and Karin had a glass of Nobilo Sauvignon Blanc. Sam had the blackened Ahi tuna. Yum, but when in a good steakhouse, I get a good steak. Dessert was Chocolate Lava and a Keylime Pie slice to go around. Recommended. $80/ea for 4 people w/o gratuity w/wine. Pricey but good.

Billy’s Bike Rentals – 1470 Periwinkle Way
Lighthouse Cafe – 362 Periwinkle Way
Chip’s Sanibel Steakhouse – 1473 Periwinkle Way

Sunday 23 March

Decided not to do church. The sun was out. Time to build a sand sculpture. Sam had borrowed the book on Sand Castle building from Sons of the Beach and was raring to go.

Started with some simple columns and structures. I played with the dump method of sand. Working out of the bucket was a good way to do it. Then figured out the Padre Island snow balls. Cool. Taught Sam.

Then started the octopus. Started out as a pile, but soon saw that a sea creature terrorizing the village would be very nice. Karin built up some tentacles and buildings and upholstered everything. Sam and I moved the sand into position and Sam and Bette lugged water.


I wrote a utility called clip many years ago — you pipe output from a DOS program into it and it puts it on the clipboard. Then you can paste it somewhere.

e.g. dir > clip

I found a link to Copy Command Line Output to Windows Clipboard Directly. Turns out Microsoft had the same idea and put a clip.exe into Windows 2003 and Vista. He links to a site, but not trusting them, I checked out a local Windows 2003 install, and yes, there it was!

The MD5 is B265B924104C248FB94C3B6D7E8D4050, CRC (zip) is 0C7584A7 — just as shipped from the great god Microsoft. I would use a local copy, if you have one, but it looks safe enough.