CorelDRAW 8 Patches

My copy of CorelDRAW 8 keeps crashing. Why, ask ye, are you using a 1999 vintage program? Faster, leaner, does what I want. Only version the T-Shirt guy uses for the Sarah Dance Clinic. Upgrade to X3 (V13) is $150. So I stick with it.

But it occurs to me — have I patched it? Maybe half this stuff is fixed. (Maybe not — Corel software — especially the later stuff — tends to be a little — buggy.)

Could not find the download link on support, until the fourth time. Found an FTP site, and looked there:

We’ll see how it works.

New Year’s Eve at Adelle’s

For the Eve, we made reservations at Adelle’s near the train station in Wheaton, IL. Hard to get, even at 5PM. Plus it was snowing like heck.

They had a $75 prix fixe menu, which made me a little hesitant. We had seen the restaurant reviewed on
the local PBS show “Check Please” and everyone raved. So what the heck.

Good stuff. Nice place, big fireplace. Outdoor seating when not 15 below zero. Recommended.

Adelle’s – 1060 College Ave – Wheaton, IL