Paint Shop Pro X2 Duplicate Error Messages

I just upgraded to Corel PSP X2, and when I start it up got a bunch of dialogs complaining about duplicate image names related to the default brush, tube, and other files installed with the product. After some Googling and analysis, I found the filenames were stored with two cases for the drive letter, like “C:\Program Files” and “c:\Program Files” and PSP was being case sensitive in its dupe checking.

I decided to ignore the messages.

Today I was trying to create a custom brush from a selection and got the same messages. I happened to click on the File Locations button in the brush selection box, and there was under the Brush File FOlders list, two paths to the same location “C:\Program Files\Corel\Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo X2\Corel_01” and “c:\Program Files\Corel\Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo X2\Corel_01”. So the program loaded all the files from these locations, and did case-sensitive compare — and found duplicates! No way!

Remove the path. No more problems. Also work your way down the list and look for more duplicates.

Bull Valley Golf Club

We played, finally, with our neighbors, the Plozays. Wonderful course, good company, and a good lunch afterward. Sun went away after a glorious sunrise, but was still warm enough and dry. I sucked. Bette did a little better. I just couldn’t get anything in the air — all whiffs and worm-burners.

Oh well, a bad day golfing beats a good day working, eh?