Paint Shop Pro X2 Duplicate Error Messages

I just upgraded to Corel PSP X2, and when I start it up got a bunch of dialogs complaining about duplicate image names related to the default brush, tube, and other files installed with the product. After some Googling and analysis, I found the filenames were stored with two cases for the drive letter, like… Continue reading Paint Shop Pro X2 Duplicate Error Messages

Spam, I Hate Thee

Just got 40 spam comments. They have been coming in slowly, over the last few weeks. Today – every article has a spam. You are on lockdown. If you want to comment, email me at daveNOSPAM at the domain you are at and I will set up an account. Be the first on the block.


I read about Radiohead releasing their new album In Rainbows to open downloads, and you pay what you think its worth. I paid 4 GBP (about $8) and listened. Good, but the song “House of Cards” is just phenomenal. Ethereal, dreamy. Love it. Support direct to consumer without DRM. Radiohead website