“Unfortunate Events”

On NPR, Lemony Snicket answered 5th graders’ questions about the last book in the “Series of Unfortunate Events” series. The kids commented on how they liked the books, loved reading, and asked questions. Kind of how I would see my kids behaving, but I was getting depressed. I won’t have any kids asking about fun books in 5th grade. Or grandkids. Crap.


Just got word of a Conservative Oregon Congressman, fairy tale life, married to a nice lookin country singer. Had some porn issues. Wife filed for divorce. Etc. Bad.
Don’t know him. Googled him. Found lots of hits. Hannity. Regent University. Followed the links. Lots of pages missing and lots of pages updated to “remove” Mr. Schelske.

Good thing Google has a cache. *grin*

Don’t trust everything you see. History is constantly rewritten.