Laura Ruth Purdy’s Senior Concert

Laura, a family friend, gave her senior vocal concert at the Lakeside Arts Center in Crystal Lake. Low key performance, gorgeous in her classic lounge black outfit on a stool, with pianist Trudy Barrett, and two occasional backup singers (her vocal coach Cassandra Vohs-Demann and friend Clare Grechis). Wow. I have heard her in Madrigals, and choirs, but you don’t really know the power of a voice until you hear her alone.

  • Something to Talk About / Bonnie Raitt (w/CG vocals)
  • Imagine / Eva Cassidy — The classic Lennon song based on Eva’s performance – loved it.
  • Building a Mystery / Sarah McLachlan (w/CVD guitar)
  • Foolish Games / Jewel (w/CVD and CG vocals) my favorite.
  • Turn Me On / Norah Jones — expected to really like this one, but not my favorite NJ song. Laura sang it great, of course.
  • I’ll Stand by You / The Pretenders (w/CG vocals)
  • Torn / Natalie Imbruglia (w/CVD guitar)
  • Small White Lies / Cassandra Vohs-Demann (original) — good song.
  • Natural Woman / Carole King (w/CG vocals)
  • I Love You / Sarah McLachlan (w/CVD and CG vocals)
  • You Learn / Alanis Morissette (w/CG vocals) — never knew who sang this one, now I know. Laura really kicked on it.
  • You Don’t Have to Let Go / Jessica Simpson — I wanted to hate this one, but it was really a good song. Didn’t know Jessica had it in her.

Regrets. These performances were good enough that I would have liked to have it to listen to in the car. But all we have is the camcorder audio. Yuck.
These vocalists and songs were some favorites of Sarah and she would have just loved to hear Laura, basically her little sister, belting these out. I guess she did hear them after all.

Have fun at Madison, Laura!

Say it ain’t so, Joe

Heard on NPR that Sen. Joseph Lieberman (D-CT) lost the CT Senatorial Democratic primary to Ned Lamont. And Joe is threatening to run as an independent.

Boy, if you had any questions about him being a GOP before, this clinches it. Can you say “vote-splitting”?

You lost, Joe. Get over it. Retire. Teach at a university. Let Ned run his race without you calling him nasty names all the time and wasting money and energy on your sour grapes.