Atalaya, Huntington Beach State Park, Murrell’s Inlet SC

The summer estate of the Huntington’s, an imitation Spanish castle in ruins. I want to live in SC just to help restore this place. Very cool. The beach was packed and we took the 8:30PM ghost story tour with east coast ghost stories in different rooms in the castle. As we drove out over the road out of the park over the marsh, we could see fireworks from Myrtle Beach to the right and Georgetown to the left. Way cool. See here for pictures.

Charleston Cafe, Surfside Beach SC

Smaller place with the owner named Dave — how can you go wrong? Good atmosphere, good wine list. I had an excellent 10 oz Angus steak, done perfectly, with optional onion and mushrooms. Bette had a veal parmagiana, was very good. I stay away from veal. The best was the dessert, a pie with creme and coconut – recommended as “like an Almond Joy”. Quoth Bette, “The best dessert I had this trip”. Service lackadaisical but not offensive. $80 with 2 glasses wine. Recommended. ***

815 Surfside Dr, Surfside Beach SC 843-238-2200

Sara J’s, Garden City SC

Lovely casual dining on the east side of grass marsh between the mainland and oceanside. I had seafood chowder, good but creamy (I like the tomato version better), and a blackened Mahi Mahi, nicely done with green beans and excellent garlic mashed potatoes. Bette had Shrimp and Grits, excellent — for her. I don’t like them. Took a walk on the footbridge over the march after dinner. Always busy, prepare to wait. Sitting outside can be faster and is much nicer in milder weather. $60 with two beers. Recommended. ***

314 Atlantic Ave, Garden City SC 843-651-1657