Art came by after a meeting downtown. He is ethnic Chinese, but grew up in the Philippines, so he thinks of Filipino food as home cookin’. So we headed off to Kuya’s, a place he heard about, only a few blocks from the hotel, once we found it. Parking was a little challenging, found out […]

I just found notes on this – must be from 2003 – our Sarah’s friend was finishing college at IU in Bloomington IN, and we went to visit her. She was working on the Little 500 (think the movie) and we managed to drag her for dinner. So I found these notes in an old […]

The Qt WebKit stuff looks really nice. 40 lines to add a lite but featured browser, and you can have Javascript call C++ and vice versa – so buttons in HTML can start C++ processes, and C++ can modify the DOM directly ala Ajax. Social embedded should be a piece of cake. He showed an […]

So far so good – Monday was architecture, Tuesday was specific core libraries and classes. We do exercises on the computer a couple of times a day to demonstrate topics. Today we did one on creating a paint application using the Qt libs. Tricky. I have done all successfully without too much trouble. My background […]

For dinner, needed something light. Found BJ’s Brewery website, I had seen it in the Marriott list, and considered it. It is a chain, so I was not real hopeful. Tonite, it was raining, don’t want to go far. They have “PIRANHA├é┬« PALE ALE CHILI”. Sold. So I drive the 0.1 mile, and go in. […]

After I pointed out and he passed a bunch of places to eat on the way back from Point Reyes, Art said he had a place in mind, good Chinese. Fine. He is ethnic Chinese, grew up in the Philippines, and knows Chinese. So we head down the 101 to Millbrae, and exit into an […]

Finally made it to the Pigeon Point Lighthouse. Sam’s Chowder House

This is a documentary about scientists sending a telescope into space to look 6-10 billion years into the past. On a balloon. From Sweden and Antarctica. Actually, seeing the Antarctica stuff is worth it, the rest is better. Lou and I screened the movie as part of the Fermilab lecture series with Mark giving some […]

I found an old receipt while going thru some boxes from Seamark Foods in Kitty Hawk, NC dated Friday 6 Aug 1993. at 4:19PM. Celery, (case?) Miller High Life, Snapple, IBC Root Beer, 2 bags of ice. $18.76. This was on my and Bette’s first trip to OB with the Resing clan. The beach house […]

Kelly goes to Clarke College for PT. We wanted the campus tour, so we walked down Clarke St. for two blocks and saw several dorms, all named after nuns, and a bigger building. That was it. No quad, bookstore, anything. Hey, whatever works. Her rental house is across the street, and the house next door […]

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