Twins vs Seattle

July 31, 2010 | 1 Comment

On our trip to Minneapolis, Sam got some free (to us – $62 to the season ticket holder) tickets for the Twins vs Seattle at the new Target Field. We were to go Saturday night. Of course, his plant melted down the day before and he needed to go in Saturday to relieve the chief […]

Today – nothing to do – time to cook a good breakfast. I had the starter out, let’s make Sourdough waffles! Start with Sourdough Waffle or Pancake Batter If you think about it, feed your starter and set it out overnight. This is not critical though. … But that required overnight – kind of. Most […]

Art came by after a meeting downtown. He is ethnic Chinese, but grew up in the Philippines, so he thinks of Filipino food as home cookin’. So we headed off to Kuya’s, a place he heard about, only a few blocks from the hotel, once we found it. Parking was a little challenging, found out […]

I just found notes on this – must be from 2003 – our Sarah’s friend was finishing college at IU in Bloomington IN, and we went to visit her. She was working on the Little 500 (think the movie) and we managed to drag her for dinner. So I found these notes in an old […]

For dinner, needed something light. Found BJ’s Brewery website, I had seen it in the Marriott list, and considered it. It is a chain, so I was not real hopeful. Tonite, it was raining, don’t want to go far. They have “PIRANHA├é┬« PALE ALE CHILI”. Sold. So I drive the 0.1 mile, and go in. […]

After I pointed out and he passed a bunch of places to eat on the way back from Point Reyes, Art said he had a place in mind, good Chinese. Fine. He is ethnic Chinese, grew up in the Philippines, and knows Chinese. So we head down the 101 to Millbrae, and exit into an […]

First I had the Foule platter. Good and a lot of food for 8 bucks. “warm fava beans richly seasoned with garlic, lemon and cumin. ” It comes with a hard-boiled egg boiled in tea which gives it a brown color clear down to the yolk, and a bright pink pickled something. With hummus and […]

Burnt Teapot

January 9, 2010 | 1 Comment

So I started the teapot up today, and went downstairs to check one thing. Ten minutes later I came up and there was no whistle. After checking the teapot, there was no water. With our old crappy teapot, I wouldn’t care. Let it cool down, whatever. Of course this teapot is a 19/10 stainless teapot […]

At an unfamiliar grocery store I grabbed Full Circle Organic Peanut Butter. Normally we get Trader Joe’s Organic, and it is very good. This stuff is stiff, sweet and tasteless. They sucked all the oil out so it is completely unspreadable, even when warm, and God help you if you keep it in the fridge. […]

Spent another long weekend at Browns Lake, Burlington WI. Arrived Friday afternoon, unloaded, hung out and opened up the boat. Headed out to Charcoal Grill, on the Fox River in town. We decided to sit outside, and it was warm, not too, low breeze, and sundown. Perfect. With the river a few feet away. Charcoal […]

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