Yet another Airlink 101 DD-WRT adventure

Client needs a cheap Wi-Fi and router. Fast trip to eBay and for $5 plus $6 shipping, I get an Airlink101 AR690w with Wireless-N. Three antennas. Looks good.

AR690w is on the supported list, with an older version and a new version. I tried the current release, and the uploader for the stock firmware was not happy. So I uploaded the factory firmware upgrade, buried on the first page, to start it off.

Bam! DD-WRT is on the air. But I cannot connect via the router Ethernet ports. I connect via Wi-Fi, the console is up, but there is no way to enable the wired ports.

Some quick reading in the DD-WRT forum on Airlink AR690w BS 14473 switch not working. Turns out the firmware listed as working does not work. Some dude Brainslayer figured it out, and created new firmwares for the device. So why is it on the working download page? Dunno.

So after registering with DD-WRT forum, I was able to download the Brainslayer stock firmwares. Tried the factory. Nope. Tried the other one. Nope. No connect, no Wi-Fi. Brick? The router puts up an emergency upload page for new firmwares. Nice.

Found Airlink AR690w Brainslayer switch not working. Some more tries. Then in another post, I was able to download the stock firmware. Reflashed, and it came up singing!

Now try the factory Brainslayer version.  Success!

I might keep this one and give the client the AR430W. With DD-WRT of course.

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