Picasa export faces

I use the Picasa app on Windows to use facial recognition to assist in tagging photos. Recently with the passing of a relative, I needed to locate photos with her face in them, so Picasa worked nicely.

Once you find them, you can type Ctrl+A to select all the photos, then File Export to write them to the other computer where I was making the program. Once opening the target folder, I found that only the faces were written to the target folder. I wanted the whole image.

As it turns out, you can toggle the main view (on the top right) from face view to entire photo view. Once it displays in the normal main view, Export will now export the entire image. By selecting the correct settings, you can export at a good quality. However, it DOES convert all the .tif files to .jpg. For this application, that is fine. For an archival process, that is  unacceptable.

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