I’m trying to use a branch version of the m2e Android plugin to fix a problem with ADK r20 (see error-importing-maven-android-android-project-to-eclipse-with-adt-20 )

Turns out, Ricardo already merged the adt-20 branch to master.

$ git clone https://github.com/rgladwell/m2e-android.git
$ cd m2e-android
$ mvn install

So that builds the project. Takes a while too.

Now you uninstall the old plugin from Eclipse.

  1. Help -> Install Software… > What is already installed?
  2. Find “Android Configurator for m2e” with “me.gladwell.eclipse….”
  3. Click “Uninstall…”
  4. Restart Eclipse.

How do you create a local site to install from?

  1. Help > Install Software… > Add…
  2. Name = local m2e-android
  3. Location = /G:/projects/mobile/m2e-android/me.gladwell.eclipse.m2e.android.update/target/repository  (dont include the jar – the folder must be user – not the file: protocol either)
  4. Check “Android Connector for M2E” and Finish.

…and you are off!


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