Centos Fun with a locked Boot. Thanks, Hudson 2.1.1.

Say the Hudson script locks up during boot, for example, after you upgrade to 2.1.1 and it does not work and someone said removing the –daemon argument makes it work and something else fails so you roll back the hudson.war and restart and it now locks up on boot. No SSH – sshd is the next service to load. I had to “power down” the VM, and tried to “force the runlevel“: several ways, say, using “init=/bin/sh 3”. Nothing worked.

The obvious thing is to do the Interactive Boot (type I). Someone said this didn’t work, so I didn’t try. Liars. Worked great. Said “Y” until I hit Hudson, typed “N”, and then “C”ontinue… voila!

2.1.1 has some problems. Wait until 2.1.2 at least.

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