Pruning Tomatoes

For a long time if have suspected pruning tomatoes would be beneficial, but, after examining the rat’s nest of green on my plants, it just looks too hard.

This year, I have an Earthbox with two cherry tomatoes, heirloom Black Cherry and Tomato Berry, from W&M Land Corp from the Woodstock Farmer’s Market. Note the mechanics creeper which allows me to push it around the deck for cleaning and access. Of course, in the recent 70-MPH derecho we had, it tipped over, so I now have a bungee cord to hold it to the deck.
Earthbox with Tomatoes Summer 2011

And I found a great article on tomato pruning with a clear drawing, so I gave it a try.

Once you start pruning, it’s hard to stop. Make sure you look at the pile and you should only take off stuff in 30% chunks.

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