Wednesday 30 June – Eye, Abbey, Harrods – London 2010

Got up late. Too much Extreme Engineering on the telly. Race around and walk down Victoria St. Nice walk, lots and lots of people. Nobody seems to move out of the way unless you are swinging a mace. Lots of dodging. Past Westminster Abbey, and cross the bridge to the county building to the London Eye.

The London Eye

We arrived at the flight area at 0940. Checked in at the Flight desk. We bought our tickets online in the States, but not much line at the time. We even bought the line insurance, didn’t really need it. There were bottles and flights of champagne there to purchase while flying. We decided it was a little too early. We got our picture books with points of interest to see when on top. On the way out I saw a card on a desk – 440 quid for a private flight. Sounds like a good idea for a little too much.

Walked out to the flight area, checked the backpack – “do you have a knife?” Not sure, really, but I guess not since I checked this very bag thru security Stateside. I thought I might have my golf penknife. Got thru anyway.

In line, a couple enquired about the picture cards. We said we had gotten them with our tickets, and offered to let them use one if we were in the same car. Two lines, with gates to let you on, just like Disney. So the egg comes from the left, and as it moves across the floor, slowly, each gate is opened and you jump across – “Mind the Gap” comes to mind here – into the egg, an elliptical clear plastic bubble. Everyone hops on, they seal the doors, and we are off.

Up Up Up. We matched the close stuff, it was a bit hazy for the Tower of London and the Tower Bridge, but you can see all the government buildings and lots of ships on the Thames. Then Down Down Down.

Announcement:  “Stand in the front”. This was for the souvenir photo. Flash. The pictures were bad. I looked at the wrong camera, and in that, I was blocked by another woman. No sale.

Westminster Abbey

Take the guided tour. You see stuff that the general public cannot see. I think you can book ahead of time. Do so.


At the abbey tried to find a bus stop for more info. Asked a driver – he said tap your card (to pay – Oyster card is a miracle), and stand there – in the aisle behind the driver. We did so for three stops. Then he called us over, said to get off and catch the C1 to Knightsbridge. A woman in line tried to sell us on a bus to Sloane Square and transferring. She got on a bus and we didn’t; the C1 pulled up. We went. Traffic was really bad, so as we approached the Knightsbridge stop, we bailed out and walked. Much faster.

Turned the corner left on Brompton and wondered where Harrod’s was. Just about to pull out the map when we see a note on white paper “Harrod’s 300m” with an arrow.

Harrod’s was busy and overwhelming. Neiman Marcus. Big deal. Bette did find a nice purse. I considered a golf ball marker. Too thick. The elevator area with the Egyptian motif is cool. We were told, “You must have lunch there.” Fancy food court, completely mobbed, expensive, and no where to sit. I pulled out Sara’s tour cards and located a pub a few blocks away.

We had to walk down a long alleyish street, but found the Grenadier Pub, charming and uncrowded. Outside seating was filled, so we sat inside with several regulars. Unfortunately, lunch service ended 15 minutes before but the helpful barman supplied pints and sausages with spicy mustard to tide us over. Beats Harrod’s any day.

Sainsbury’s for shopping

Sara makes dinner

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