Thursday – Kuya’s, Google and Dessert

Art came by after a meeting downtown. He is ethnic Chinese, but grew up in the Philippines, so he thinks of Filipino food as home cookin’. So we headed off to Kuya’s, a place he heard about, only a few blocks from the hotel, once we found it. Parking was a little challenging, found out later they have a lot in back.

It is a wonderful Mom and Pop place, but a very long room – hard to look around. Booths down one wall, and long tables down the other, and there were several larger parties using them.

The waitress came out and was very friendly. Art ordered Lumpiang Shanghai (Ground Pork Egg Rolls). They are about the diameter of a Chap-Stik, 2 inches long, fried, and filled with pork. You get a plate of about 20. Yum.

We tried to find something that this Haole could deal with. Art picked Pork Adobo (Marinated Pork chunks in soy sauce, vinegar, & garlic) which sounds a lot like something in Mexican places, and a vegetable plate (Pinakbet, Mixed Vegetables cooked w/ Shrimp paste, Pork, & Shrimp) with Okra and eggplant. This was served with garlic rice.

Art wanted to get the Halo-Halo Special dessert, but we were both full, and Art had some food left over to take home. Maybe next time.

Yes, they have wine – I had a house Cab. Ok. They don’t have beer. Strange. Art said a San Miguel would have been good, but they have it at Trader Joe’s.

As a Yelp reviewer said, interesting restrooms. I’ve seen much worse. Art said he would bring his brother back there, so I guess the food passed inspection, and you don’t eat in the restroom.

Then we drove off to Mountain View and other points to see the high tech sites, the Google campus, a Microsoft building, LinkedIn, and Yahoo.

Microsoft Office

Yahoo Office

LinkedIn Office
Microsoft Office Yahoo Office LinkedIn Office

Cupertino for One Infinite Loop, the main Apple campus. I always liked that street name.

One Infinite Loop

One Infinite Loop

Of course, the best were the Google buildings “pi” and “e”. Geeks.

Buildings Pi and e

Buildings Pi and e

Then it was off to Golden Island Cafe for dessert. I had a Red Bean & Sweet Tofu dessert. The waitress brought the cream on the side, but I used it. It was excellent. I think Art had a Sago of some sort, but I am not sure. Art?

Kuya’s Asian Cuisine
460 San Mateo Avenue, San Bruno, CA 94066
Golden Island Cafe
146 E 3rd Ave, San Mateo, CA 94401

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