Expressly Leslie for Lunch

First I had the Foule platter. Good and a lot of food for 8 bucks.
“warm fava beans richly seasoned with garlic, lemon and cumin. ” It comes with a hard-boiled egg boiled in tea which gives it a brown color clear down to the yolk, and a bright pink pickled something. With hummus and pita. Yum.

Leslie is a fellow North Shore transplant, we chatted about Evanston, Skokie, good deli and our wedding reception hummus.

Again on the Square at lunchtime. Ordered the Shakshouka which they didn’t have before. It was worth the wait, with two eggs poached in a spicy salsa with warm pita wedges. Yum.

Expressly Leslie - Shakshouka

Note: don’t go if you are in a hurry. She likes to talk (which I don’t mind), and depending on the line, it can take 15 mins for them to cook. Worth the wait.

Expressly Leslie
110 S. Johnson St, Woodstock, IL

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