ESET vs Kaspersky

Our AVG subscription was expiring and I was having 2nd thoughts about renewing – it was periodically crashing Bette’s underpowered computer. Ralph at work recommended Kaspersky Internet Security, and I got a trial of that and ESET Nod32 Security to try out. Both were well reviewed. ESET has a more techie interface, and a smaller memory footprint (important for little machines) and I wanted to like it more, but both machines started crashing randomly on startup and when the computer went into screen save or hibernate after installation. So we went back to Kaspersky and so far it is running great. Plus I have the option to not install the email or IM filters at installation since PocoMail does not use PST files or such – as soon as the infected file hits the disk it is detected.

I did find a good Forbes article on Anti-Virus, and from that found a nonprofit review of AV software where ESET and Kaspersky both do well but behind two others I never heard of. Ralph plus it works sez I think we will do Kaspersky.

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