Adios D-Link USB Hub

Finally dumping my D-Link DSB-H4 USB powered hub. I think I got it for 10 bucks, and I think it worked for about 20 minutes. Then as soon as you plug something in, all the lights would go black and I would fear for my motherboard.

I just marked it with “US” and tossed it into the electronics recycling pile. Adios.

*US. “Unserviceable”, a military, probably Canadian or English forces, since I heard it from a crotchety old Englishman while working in a laundry plant in London, Ontario, Canada many years ago – or about 1982. Alan, the chief engineer of the plant, marked one of our dead RSPE Light-Frame counters with US. I didn’t get it. He was a good guy. We had fun drinking after work.

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