Cousin Joe’s 15 minutes of fame

Or as Cousin Mike puts it – “Joe versus the volcano. My brother Joe’s 10 seconds of fame….”


Here is a link to the video that the Post had briefly Friday morning. It is one of the few that has me talking….. in case you care. John asked for the video where I could be heard, but it seems silly not to self promote given all the bloody self promotion that I just went through.

This was a piece put together by AP international and then sold to whomever, I was interviewed at the conference

and then the UW site doing some self promotion (ed note: some maps of locations and more video)

and finally there is the Seattle public radio station interview over the phone from my hotel room. (ed. note: videos and other info here too)

I did a recorded interview with BBC, and a live interview with CNN-International during what must have been a newscast in London, I missed a real interview with the Seattle times, and didn’t connect up with BBC’s “UP ALL night” program.

A whirlwind tour…..almost done. Hypothetically I will be on Fox and Friends on Monday morning 3:50 am my time…. They are sending a car to get me. Maybe they will change their mind and I can sleep instead.

What a nutty idea. I told my boss no, but he twisted my arm. Certainly this must be the end of this stuff? We’ll see. Maybe I will still get NPR??


Most scientists labor in obscurity. May Joe be a little less obscure now. Uncle Hank is very proud of his boy.

Some short quiet videos with ominous rumblings from magma exploding 100 feet away.

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