Paula Poundstone

Not sure what to expect. We have heard her on the Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me radio program, and enjoy her there. But a stand up show?
It was local at the Woodstock Opera House, and only $28. Not going downtown. Worth it.

Dinner at Mixteca beforehand. I had the pork Cxxxx, Bette the Xxxx Verde soup, and Tim and Deb split the Cxxxxx. Margaritas all around. Muy bien.

We parked around the corner, and the ropes were still up on the stairs, so we milled in the lobby for awhile. Chatted, and looked at art. After sitting down, found a gentleman behind us who was involved with Bette’s Ag in the Classroom. Deb knew another person behind us. Small town, eh?

In a word, Paula was great. Engaging, funny, self-deprecating. She worked questions out of the audience and flogged them for great comedic effect. Kind of made fun of farmers, the another who owned a daylily nursery, another with an apple orchard, and another who is a psych nurse. And she worked all this material into stuff about her kids, her life. A little liberal moaning about the health care debate (nice.) Had a fun spar — the atheist woman vs. the pastor and part-time golf course greenskeeper. And she kept asking, “Who sees a show at 6:00”, and worried about the rowdy 9PM crowd.

I was sad to see it end; we could have sat through the next show easily. Just a pleasant, enjoyable evening.

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