License Plate Frames

I hate the frames from the dealer. Cheap, floppy and advertising.

So while we were getting mats from MacNeil I picked up two license plate covers, the ClearCover with plastic over the plate for the front (suggested by the ever-helpful salesman), P/N 60020 and a ClearFrame (P/N 63020) plain one for the back.

Two things I don’t like about the Honda: One, the small pseedometer, and two the fact that the rear license plate mount includes only the two top holes. Four holes is much better – no rattling etc. So I had to deal with the plate flopping around. They have two little foam pads that are to stop the plate from hitting the body, but are too thin.

The frame did not quite do it. The frame wiggled enough that the plate hit the paint. So I went to the hardware store and found two rubber posts threaded with 1/4-20 brass. Combine that with a 1/4-20×3/8 stainless steel screw, and now the bottom sticks out a bit, but does not vibrate.

MacNeil Automotive Products
2435 Wisconsin Ave.
Downers Grove, Illinois 60515

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