Northern Exposure

Northern Exposure is the wacky show from the early 90’s about a snooty young doctor serving an eccentric town in Alaska. I thought it was fun, my Dad introduced me to it, really, and we love the first soundtrack disc. During a business trip, I actually visited Roslyn, Washington, where the exteriors were shot, a two or three hour drive from Seattle and bought a t-shirt.

Some folks at work were discussing the show and I recalled one of my favorite episodes where Maggie finds artifacts in her front yard (4.11 Survival of the Species), the men dig them all up to sell, and at the end the village women slowly move them back into the ground. I watched that episode and the emotional content plus the haunting song are still vivid in my mind. So I did a little research.

After a bit of googling, I found this post and the above episode list that identified it as “Tango To Evora” from Loreena McKennitt’s “The Visit”. I love the song, but never realized that the song missing from my memory is the same one. Perhaps seeing it on the show back then suggested the purchase. Unknown. Now name and show are linked.

Known, however, is that the song was removed from the DVD release. Brilliant decision. In the words of icepixie,

“They took out Loreena McKennitt’s “Tango to Evora” at the end of “Survival of the Species,” replacing it with some Italian aria. It wasn’t the same.”

I agree. So I guess I can save some money on season 4. You can’t go home again.

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