Fermilab lecture on Nanotechnology

Neil and I stopped at the Little Owl in Geneva for din din, had the Shore Lunch – nice piece of Walleye and fries. Good, but I should have gotten the burger. Neil had the fish combo and concurs. Little Owl was a lot less crowded than I remember.

Got to Fermilab in good time, and walked the path to the Lederman center, checked the time on the sundial, and walked around the building looking in like kids outside a closed candy store.

Back at the Wilson center we watched the MINOS project film. Fermilab closed the other exhibit center in the atrium, and replaced it with a control room for the swing shift at the CERN LHC.

Then the lecture, “Nanotechnology: The Crafting of Self-Assembling Materials for Medicine and Energy” by Dr Samuel Stupp of the Stupp Institute at Northwestern University.

Fascinating. Good questions. This guy must never sleep. I want a job there. And I want some cartilage when they start making it…

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