This American Life – Live

Drove down to the Chicago Theatre on Sunday. Traffic not too bad inbound, horrible outbound. Lucky.

We paid top dollar ($50.50 ea) for these seats on the main floor, about 15 rows back to the left. We could see Ira at his desk perfectly.

Mike Birbiglia told a good story. Several movies, one with David Rakoff and Dave Hill which was fun, but would have been funnier if we ever watched CSI. A very Felix-the-Cat-ish (or maybe Steamboat Willie-ish) cartoon by Chris Ware. I loved the post-it note illustration of Starlee Kine’s story. Joss Whedon (yes, him) did a song from his musical DVD director’s commentary track. Interesting and funny.

Dan Savage came out to tell a very moving story about his mom. They showed home movies of an early TAL live show where both Ira’s and Dan’s mothers, now both deceased, are talking real dirty. It was very neat.

The preview of the DVD looked real good too – no Showtime here, so have not seen it yet.

I just love the show. This show is the best thing on the radio today. Fun. Now go see it at the HD theaters. And buy the t-shirt. Support them! My only complaint was the audio – sometimes it was hard to hear. The HD version might be better.

This American Life

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