Mai Thai

Bette and I were out delivering Grace to her new digs in Wheaton, and saw an interesting restaurant on a corner in downtown Wheaton. We went back and went in.

The place was packed – most of the tables were pushed together in the center for a big birthday party – but a gentleman on the window left about this time and we had his table.

No booze, but they do have wine glasses for BYO. We had Thai iced coffees instead.

The woks are behind a big wall off of the dining room, and you can hear the guy cook.

Bette had the Red Curry with chicken, medium spice. It was too hot for her, she should have gotten the mild. It had a good flavor, though, and had lots of veggies, including eggplant and tofu cubes. I had the Hot and Spicy Curry, which was hot and spicy with similar veggie loading and beef. I was tearing and my nose was nice and clear. Both the curries were tasty but surprisingly watery. I just had the leftovers today, and it was still good.

Fun place, casual, not fancy, dinerish. Good food, fast, fresh. Friendly staff. Reasonable prices ($7-$10 for entrees). Small, so might be a wait.

Mai Thai Cafe, 140 N Main St. (at Wesley), Wheaton, IL (630) 510-3680

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