Pizza Night

February 27, 2009 | Leave a Comment

Since I replied with this to my old Friend Lori on Facebook, I thought I would put it here for reference in case a) the Rosati’s computer fails or b) we lose the receipts taped on the inside of our cabinet.

Our standard Friday night (or during the week more often) pizza is the 14″ Chi-Town Pan with “Fabulous Four”, Italian sausage, mushroom,onion, green pepper. Make sure you say “well done.” I would put it up against any Giordano’s or Uno’s comparably equipped.

That said, beware. They are a franchise, and I have heard uneven things about various other stores. The one here in Woodstock IL is owned by Mike Rosati, one of the Rosati family and our daughter’s friend. He makes good stuff.

Website (with Mike’s store) see
Another Corporate website (Mike’s store not listed here, but see menus). Same family story. Perhaps the brothers had a fight.


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