Music for Martin 2009

Bette and I, along with bowling buddies Doug and Laurie, attended Music for Martin at Grace Lutheran Woodstock on Sunday, Feb 22, a program commemorating Martin Luther King Jr in songs and poems and readings, all done by local youth. It was a great program, and I would highly recommend it for next year.

Our friend Ken West is one of the organizers, working with his organization Community Connections for Youth to get kids involved in the big stuff, something that doesn’t involve video games.

We sat up front and watched as local artist and gallery owner Gabe Karagianis created a great painting of MLK as the program unfolded. It was really fun to see the youth nervously approach the mike to give their reading or poem, and pull it off perfectly.

Shout out to Rob Webster who performed Live’s “10,000 Years (Peace is Now)”. I identified the song 10 seconds into it, and he did a great version of it. The closing act was Shunnalo Brown who did Buddy Guy’s “Skin Deep”.

Wonderful night of youth stretching their wings and talented people sharing their gifts.

Followed by dinner with the cast at another Woodstock landmark, El Niagra. Mmm.

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