Williams Street Public House

Out running around, let’s stop for dinner. Bette suggested the Williams Street Public House, a new restaurant from the Woodstock Public House team. She enjoyed the lunch she had there, so what the heck.

We each had a nice glass of wine. Bette noticed on the menu there was a charge for extra dressings. She usually has an extra dressing to try, and started moaning that she had been charged last time, and explained so to the waiter.

I had the Monstro Burrito, (Mexican??) which was excellent. Bette had a grilled salmon, and we finished up with Carrot Cake and excellent coffee.

As we were having dessert, one of the owners came over and explained the 50 cent charge for dressing was for people who come in and order a salad and water and ten dressings. People such as ourselves who order wine and a full dinner are exempt, and the wait staff has discretion to remove that charge. Then we discussed the Woodstock restaurant scene, such that it is.

Great place (nicer space than Woodstock, definitely), good food, and the management is really on top of things. Recommended.

Williams Street Public House, 83 Williams St, Crystal Lake, IL

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