New Shoes

I have worn Birkenstock sandals for years. I like kicking them off, the back strap keeps them on my feet. I learned to like them from Bill, my old boss at ZyLAB who wore them, and my nephew Bryan who wore them in winter in Minnesota. That inspired me to get black Milanos, and I have gone through many soles and several pairs.
Recently, Molly, my physical therapist, encouraged me to change shoes, even though she wore Birks all day in the office. She said that the cork footsole does not have enough cushion for me with the hip and knee problems. She recommended Keen shoes. The other problem I have with Birks is in the snow and ice, Birks might as well be porous Teflon. I need something with teeth.
We found ourselves in a local shoe store in Crystal Lake, Village Shoes, and asked about Keens. The girl pointed me at some, but they were more of a boot, did not have any the were easy on and off ala sandals. So she brought me over to see Merrell Encore Groove Black J66429. I tried them and have worn the heck out of them since. Very comfortable, aggressive tread, easy on and off clog style. You can hide them under jeans easy. But, since they are the gloss black leather, they look a little goofy with socks, which I need to wear with them. Or else.
So we were in REI the other day, and I poked around the sale shoe rack. I found Keen Wear Around Slip Ons 1450, in Monkey Wood color. The soles are a little stiffer than the Merrells, and the heel is a little higher to make putting them on harder. The color is a nice olive drab, and a little less “formal”. And REI had them marked down from $90 to $49.83, and half off of that! Great shoes for $25!
I usually hate shopping, but this time it paid off.

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