Look Homeward Angel

We went to see this play, adapted by Ketti Frings from the book by Thomas Wolfe at Johnsburg High School. They were presenting it as a warmup on their way to presenting it at the Illinois High School Theater Festival downstate.

The auditorium is in the round; we sat in the 3rd row. The sets were comprised of several platforms to represent the bedrooms, and other areas of the boarding house, and the stone shop and yard.

Wow. These “kids” are good. The Eugene Gant character (by Steve Guardi) was haunted, the mother, Eliza Gant (Mandi Soos) was insane, the father W. O. Gant (James Anderson) was kind of good hearted but a raging alcoholic, and according to Bette, the family was consistent with an alcoholic family. The brother Ben (Jeff Leber) coughed so hard we thought he would lose a lung.

If they don’t win something for this play, it’s a crime. Good luck y’all.

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