Winter Wonderland

Today is Saturday. It snowed Thursday night, hard. At work, we were all watching the radar and placing bets on total snowfall. “Our other Sara” came by to not cook lasagna, she was sick, so we ordered Chinese from Green Garden. Friday at 4am, we get the call — snow day! For Bette, at least. I decided to play along and play hooky.

So we hung out, had a leisurely breakfast, read a little, got some chores done. Couldn’t get the VPN working to work. Darn. Laid back leftover Chinese lunch. After a while the roads were a little better, so I met with Jim from American Graphic Works about T-Shirts for the Dance Clinic coming up. Came home, and went out for a cross country ski in the golf course in the back yard. Hard work, no groomed trails here. My hip screamed all night, but it was worth it.

Today, more work around the house, more leisurely meals. Then a 1pm ski, finding most of our groomed trails were filled in by the wind. A longer trip today, to the underpass we made it to yesterday, but under and around the 14th hole loop. I will pay tonite. We both fell today. I fell going up a unassuming hill, lost my balance. Hard to get up when you can’t move your body certain ways. I just laid there in the snow, it was quiet and very peaceful. I could have napped right there.

Then Bette was off to shop and I had to clear the porch so we can use the grill for dinner. It started to snow, big puffy marshmallow flakes. To shovel, I had to move in the wood from the porch inside to warm up.

All this firewood and snow really makes me think of ski trips with Sarah to the UP. I really enjoyed those trips. Too bad we don’t make them anymore. Not much incentive without young ‘uns to take with. And I decided that no matter how bad the snow is, I really do like it. Maybe not in Alaska amounts, but a snow-free locale has no attraction for me. Except Florida in March.

Also makes me appreciate why we bought this house. Yes, the cost is ungodly, but weekends like this make it worth it.

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