Pasty Heaven

Anyone who has been up the UP of Michigan should be familiar with the pasty, a pie-crustish pastry blob stuffed with good stuff, typically ground beef, cubed potatoes and onions. Bake it, and it is like a pot pie without the pot. We got them in Ironwood when skiing at Joe’s Pasty Shop. I must say, the kids didn’t care for them, but we brought them home and loved them.

During our last trip to Rhinelander, WI, we found Joe’s Pasty Shop, where Jessica Barbera continues in her Dad Joe’s tradition of pasties, with cool new twists. We bought about 8 to take home, and we just had the Pizza pasty last night. (Diced pepperoni, sausage, potatoes, onions, & mozzarella cheese.) Wonderful! We also had the classic one, but I was full and kept my half for lunch. It was chock full of rib-sticking goodness. Winter food, if I ever had it.

We have yet to try the whole wheat crust pasty, or the Southwest pasty. Looking forward to it.

Check em out when in the Rhinelander area.

Joe’s Pasty Shop, 123 Randall Ave, Rhinelander, WI 54501, (715) 369-1224

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