Herrington Hijinks

I get the Herrington catalog. It’s got some neat stuff, I wouldn’t buy most of it, but I did get some great Sun Valley Belts and I have worn the Sailmaker’s Hat so much at volleyball that it looks like hell and Bette wants to pitch it. I also tried the Masai sneaker with the funky bottom — didn’t do much for me, and they weren’t cheap. Back to New Balance…

Anyway, I noticed the Tip and Sip, an anti-scald coffee mug. No good for me – I need a handle I can hook on the Van door. But in an older catalog I noticed the actual brand, Brugo. More info, still not interested. The price at Herrington used to be more, too. Looks like they cranked it down to compete. Plus, they changed all the pictures in the catalogs to remove the logo to prevent you from shopping elsewhere.

I guess I pay too much attention to catalogs.

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2 Responses to Herrington Hijinks

  1. dave says:

    Update: item no longer sold at Herrington. Copy from cache: “In Bellingham, Washington, the Pacific Cascade Mountains roll down to meet the sea, creating a changeable climate that demands a versatile hat. There, a small company of dedicated sailmakers produces a comfortable, waxed-cotton hat that’s waterproofed using the traditional formula for sailcloth. Broad, flexible brim can be shaped to your liking — protects face and neck from sun and rain; shades eyes deeply for better vision. Ventilated for comfort; genuine leather band; CoolMax stretch fabric inner band absorbs moisture. Choose unisex S, M, L, XL, or XXL.”

    Seems to be from “Watership Trading Companie”, which was sold to Imperial Headwear, and Might be this item.

  2. The Dude says:

    So Herrington Catalog is out of business as of last year, too bad. I enjoyed the catalog, and some of the items I bought I really liked. I assume Lee Herrington managed to hang on to his Ferrari collection.

    The closest to my fave hat I can find is The Coastal Breeze Watership Sun-Protection Hat from Imperial. I don’t think I will get because the mesh does not protect from fire, and I don’t know the material.

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