Wilton Candy Kitchen

On our way to Amy’s wedding in Kansas City, we stopped for lunch at the Wilton Candy Kitchen in Wilton, Iowa. It is a 5 minute ride off of I-80 (Exit 271), and you are in a small town, looking a bit down on its luck, kind of like some around here.

We found the place, looks like, well, an old fashioned soda fountain. The 85+ aunts were with us, and Bette’s mom, and they were amazed. We walked, in — this is full metal soda fountain. Old machines in the front, wire chairs and tables in the back, pictures of famous visitors (including Presidents and actors) on the walls.

The most fun were George and Thelma, the owners. He is 85-ish, she a bit younger, but they get up every day and open the store — that is 7 days a week. They *might* close on Sundays after the 100th anniversary of 7-days-a-week next year.

We ordered lunch — the article in American Weekend mentioned grilled sandwiches — and had sodas. I had a chocolate phosphate, because someone back when really liked them, but I didn’t like it much. There were a lot of other things I could have had. All looked good…

The place was founded by R.A. McIntire in 1860, and the Nopoulos family has owned it since 1910.

Wilton Candy Kitchen 310 Cedar St, Wilton, IA 52778

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