JavaOne 2008 San Francisco CA – Monday

JavaOne is the big Java technology show at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, CA. FSC sent me there with two guys from work, John and Joe to scope things out. We caught a limo from work at 9:30A and had an uneventful ride to SF. A gentleman and his (adopted??) son were next to me in the aisle seats, and the 2-year-old boy was fun. He crawled, pulled everything out of the seat pockets, fell asleep on me a couple times, and was a doll. His big sister in the row ahead would poke her head up occasionally to say hi to Daddy.

We arrived about 3:00, cabbed in, chatting with the driver, and checked in at the InterContinental Hotel. Nice place. Expensive. Rooms with the discounted rate were $260/nite. It is very close to the Moscone Center (a short 5 minute walk down Howard St.) The good thing about staying here is we just stayed at the Buckhead IC — so I knew where to go for boarding passes, and a few other details. The bad thing — a draft beer is $10.

I was in 819, a great room just above the fitness center balcony. Big windows, lots of light. At night too, but there are sheet and dark drapes. I kind of like the light at night — you feel like you are in a big city.

We hopped the F train, an old-time electric light rail cars to Fisherman’s Wharf, Pier 47 to Scoma’s, which both George at the office and the concierge recommended. I like to eat at places George recommends in case we get grief for prices on the expense account.

Yum. We had some local brews to start off at the bar while we were waiting, and the personable bartender let John try a sample of one before buying. I had the Dunkle Weiss.

We sat, and waited a while for the waitress to show up. It was just starting to get busy.

Calamari A
ppetizer $15
Prawn Annuzzi $28
I had the Seared Ahi ($31) which was nicely rare and very good, with wasabi and a nice vegetable.

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