Mixteca Grill – Peanut Burritos

We decided to eat out coming back from the rainy yet fascinating WPPC Wildflower Walk and hit our new old favorite Mixteca Grill on Rt 47 just south of Lake Ave. in Woodstock. We entered close to 8PM and it was busy, but a table soon opened up and we were seated at a booth. We dove into the fresh chips and 4 different salsas, of which the hot lime green one is my favorite. Clean out that nose! Add two nice margaritas, rocks, salt. Mmmmm.

The special board had two items I never heard of, both containing PXXXXX. I asked one of the tag-team servers (actually, I think she is one of the owners — could it be Claudia of Claudia and Mike Kriesemint) about it. She said the PXXXXX was grilled pulled chicken with the sauce, with black beans and rice. The Burrito Suizo PXXXXX was a chicken burrito with the PXXXXX sauce (instead of the typical red sauce). We ordered.

Wonderful. Thick sauce. Peanut flavor. Like Chicken Satay on a grand scale. Chicken done well. Brilliant.

Mixteca Tequila Bar & Grill, 1390 S. Eastwood Drive, Woodstock, IL

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