Mouse Wars – Evoluent vs. AirO2bic

I just bought another ergonomic mouse, an Air02bic Quill mouse.

I liked the Evoluent mouse, but its biggest problem is that you drag your hand on the surface of the table. Makes it hard to move. I wondered about attaching a base to it to prevent that problem.

The folks at Designer Appliances beat me to it. The AirO2bic mouse nestles your hand so it doesn’t even touch the table. It’s a little weird, because it almost feels like your wrist cannot move — like in a cast. I think it will take some getting used to it. The position of the mouse pad ($10 extra, but huge) seems more critical.

But you know, if my pen pad still worked on Windows XP/64, I would still use that. To me, the pen control is the ultimate controller.


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