Shamrox Lacrosse

We went with Chas to see the Shamrox at the new Sears Centre in Hoffman Estates. Close, 30 minute drive. Nice new arena. Lots of bathrooms.

The team is not so well. We left after 3.5 quarters, not wanting to get autographs. The game itself was a lot of fun. We got 5th row seats, and they were right over the home “dugout”, so that was fun. But it was hard to see around the players to the goal, and the action is *really* fast. So I might go up 10 rows to get a better view.

They were behind the Buffalo team 11-8 when we left, but had just scored twice. I assume they lost. Welcome to Chicago, guys, home of the losers.

Interesting that 75% of the NLL players are Canadian. Alberta has two teams, Edmonton and Calgary. Having been there recently, I can see you might need something to do there in the winter.

Afterwards, we headed east to Rt 59 and ate at Claim Jumper. We had nachos for appetizer. I had a 1/2 “tuna” sandwich and excellent chili, Chas had something, and Bette had a nice crabmeat salad. I had a house beer, hefeweizen. Too cold, and somewhat tasteless. Bette had a Long Island Iced Tea. Kind of weak and tasteless.

Good, and really cool decor, but there are better places.

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